Hearty, Alaska-Style
Handheld Crêpes

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Dessert

Fresh Berries, Wild Local Salmon & More

Best food in the city.
 If you get off your cruise ship for nothing but this place, it would be worth it.
— Kevin Lester, Level 5 Google Local Guide. July 24, 2019

“Crepes...Isn’t that a French thing?”

Shut your trap, Cheechako. If a french cabin boy Sailed into Thomas basin and so much as smelled the inside of Alaska Crepe co, he would return home a man. Our hearty crepes are the love child of a lithe Parisian mistress and 
a burly Alaskan bear wrestler. And not a fake one with spandex. We’re talking flannel and suspenders, which in these territories, are commonly employed to: (1) hog-tie a thieving bear, before (2) prying its jaws open with one’s two hands, in order to (3) retrieve a stolen crepe using one’s prehensile beard. Why? Because our crepes are crispy, hearty meals, generously filled with goodly amounts of sweet or savory victuals. Because they’re hand-held, not claw-held (Or worse, eaten with a fork). And because God didn’t put us here to 
let some ursine usurper take that which is rightfully ours.

Crispy & Flaky. Sweet or Savory.

Our large, hand-held crêpes are made-to-order with fresh ingredients from Alaska and around the world. Locally sourced smoked salmon, fresh berries and more. Watch us hand-craft your sweet, savory or breakfast crêpe, then explore the wonders of Ketchikan, Alaska.

Alaska Crepe Co is locally owned & family operated. (Hi, mom!)


Midway between Creek Street & the cruise ship berths. Between the good folks at Pioneer Cafe and Asian Garden Sushi.

625 Mission Street
Ketchikan, Alaska

Winter Hours

8AM - 8PM Sunday - Thursday
9AM - 9PM Friday - Saturday